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Joanna Abou-Sleiman Chevalier from Heartland - Territoire d'Affects
In HEARTLAND - Territoire d’Affects , internationally renowned Lebanese artists will present their artworks addressing the emotional territory of love, disenchantment, fusion and rejection.
The exhibition will run from October 24 till November 29, 2015 at Beirut Exhibition Center

YOU in 3 words?

Difficult to define


« TERRITOIRE D’AFFECTS » in 3 words?

Emotions, Inspiration, Mythology


What INSPIRED you to launch this exhibition?

My deep love to Lebanon


What are the HIGHLIGHTS of the exhibition?

The end of the set-up of the exhibition when everything is on its way. 


What was your CRAZIEST purchase? 

Allan McCollum  20 Surrogates


What is your favorite quote? 

It will be in arabic “La Takrahou Chaikan La3alahou Khairan Laka”


What is your favorite GALLERY in BEIRUT? 

Galleries you mean:
Agial, Art factum, Tanit, Sfeir Semler
Nada Debs, Karen Chekerdjian, Over the counter, Karim Bekdache


What are you doing after this Bazar Interview? 

Supervise the set-up of the Exhibition

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