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Mishky bracelets
Starting USD 40 to USD 167*
(VAT included)

The Colombian brand Mishky is the result of the collaboration between Tita and Martha whose ambition is to design jewelry inspired by the world of today. The two designers are driven by values of dignity and social responsibility. They offer ethic jewelry entirely handmade.
The core product of the brand is its wide range of bracelets, with vivid colors, and made of high quality glass beads and materials like silver, brass, recycled rubber and tin. Each bracelet carries a symbol of passion, ethic, respect or love for women, children and the planet.
With the foundation « Mi mamá para mi » (« My mom for me »), Mishky provides many low-income women with a vocational training for them to become expert-artisan and manufacture the jewelry of the brand. They have the opportunity to work at home and therefore raise their children giving them all proper attention.

Available at:
Phone: +961 1 338086
Mob: +961 3 239756
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