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Cage Planter
Atelier VdT
LBP 45,000 - USD 30*
(VAT included)

The idea of putting a plant inside of a cage was born while we were experimenting with turning everyday objects into fun planters. The unexpected emotional reaction from the people that saw it turned it from being just a quirky looking object into a thought provoking item. Many felt sad for ‘trapping’ a plant behind cage bars. Rest assured, the plant is not harmed, and who knows, maybe someday it will outgrow the cage and break out of it. A definite conversation starter.
This item is customizable.

Available at:
Ashrafieh, Mgr. Ghophrael Street (Fassouh Area),
Beirut, Lebanon
Phone: +961 1 339 381
www.platform-39.com Makdissi, Hamra
Beirut, Lebanon
Phone: + 961 3 43 41 38
MAIL: atelier.vdt@gmail.com
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