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Vase & Glass
GGRIL Green Glass Recycling Initiative - Lebanon
USD 10 the vase & USD 13,33 the 4 glasses*
(VAT included)

GGRIL (Green Glass Recycling Initiative – Lebanon)  addresses lack of recycling of green & amber glass packaging by reviving the glass blowing artisanship in Lebanon.
All proceeds from the sales of these glass items will go back into the stream to provide more work for the glass blowing artisans and hence divert more colored glass from the waste stream and provide higher recycling & recuperation rates.
ALL components of the package (Glass, Box and Label) were made from LEBANESE recycled glass and paper.

Available at:
Phone: +961 1 338086
Mob: +961 3 239756
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*Beirut Bazar is not responsible should prices change or stock run out.