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The Beirut book by David Hury
LBP 75,000 - USD 50*
(VAT included)

“The Beirut book” was born from a series of illustrations inspired by the enameled blue name plates found at the corner of Beirut’s streets. (…) Initially, these illustrations relied on a simple principle: twist the phrasing of well-known quotations to include the name “Beirut”. David Hury came up with the idea of organizing a fun activity during the 2013 Beirut French-speaking Book Fair. Authors, local celebrities and passing-by visitors all took part in the game, each in their own language. And so, “The Beirut Book” was born: a beautiful work, which highlights the city of Beirut and the emotions it triggers.

Available at:
Immeuble Berytech, Route de Damas, Beyrouth
Tel : 00961 1 612 500 (ext.5219)
Nos livres sont disponibles dans toutes les bonnes librairies au Liban.
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