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CORBU Eyewear
From USD 135 in regular polyamide to USD195 in concrete*
(VAT included)

a clear tribute to Le Corbusier and Phillip Johnson thick round frames, with a twist and fresh design, 3D printed in concrete, bio-plastic (green black), and regular polyamide. They boast a very architectural dovetail hinge hinge detail. ASSUME YOU’RE AN ARCHITECT, this is the glasses you have to wear!

Exists in regular polyamide & in concrete.
Proudly made in Lebanon (the first eyewear ever designed and manufactured in Lebanon)

Available at:
Before Private Hotel, Salah Labakeh Street, Rmeil
Mar-Mikhayel, Beirut
Phone: +961 1 566 241
Mobile: +961 3 566 601
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*Beirut Bazar is not responsible should prices change or stock run out.