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3 Squares Construct Ring
Roula Dfouni
LBP 272,000 - USD 180*
(VAT included)

Construct is a piece created for dreamer and the visionary in each of us. A single sterling silver ring adorned with a series of rectangular shapes; each shape fixed, solid, immovable. The piece conveys strength, might, and the roots from which we draw the power to shape our destinies, and our world. With Construct, lay bare your desire for a new, better, stronger earth, and wear the future to which you aspire.

Available at:
Mansourieh, Main Road, Facing Splash Land,
Charmelene bldg., 2nd floor
Phone: 009614 400872
Mobile: 009613 522350
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*Beirut Bazar is not responsible should prices change or stock run out.