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Adventure Box
USD 80 or 140* *Each box has 2 different budgets.*
(VAT included)

An Experience Gift Box for those who see the beginning of a wonder.full adventure in every sunrise. Inside each box there is a catalogue of bewilderments and a voucher. The lucky receiver has one full year to choose his favorite activity from the catalogue and enjoy it. Hiking or biking, sailing or surfing, every experience has been handpicked by our team and supplied only by the best providers. Sparkly eyes are guaranteed, warm heartbeats will awaken. You can download all our catalogues from www.awonderfullbox.com

Available at:
wonder.full is an innovative gift concept.
Instead of giving your loved ones a tangible product, get them an unforgettable experience, in a box!
online boutique: www.awonderfullbox.com
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*Beirut Bazar is not responsible should prices change or stock run out.